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Panneau solaire Solrif BISOL POLY

Solar panels Solrif BISOL POLY are manufactured in Europe. They are ranked among the best in the world according to the performance test conducted by Photon modules. Power from 250 to 260 Wc.

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Polycrystalline cells
Power tolerance: 0/+5 Wc

Warranty :
10 years product warranty
12 years warranty on 90% of production output
25 years warranty on 80% of production output


Photovoltaic modules in crystalline technology BISOL are recognized worldwide for their excellent performance, long life and design. All products are manufactured in Europe and undergo strict quality control at all stages of the production process. BISOL modules have an output strictly positive and are carefully sorted according to their electrical characteristics to obtain the maximum energy efficiency. The TÜV test showed that the modules have extremely low rates of degradation, a life long and remarkable strength. According to the performance test conducted by the independent Photon BISOL PV modules are part of the most efficient products on the market. With their manufacturing base materials of excellent quality, they last longer and thus increase your efficiency. Your investment is more profitable.


BISOL Group is an ambitious and innovative, with extensive international experience in manufacturing basics of solar power plants, photovoltaic modules of crystalline silicon grade. Technology and respect for the rules of the site BISOL Group as a global company focused on top quality for its customers.

Ongoing investment in its development are crucial to the future of the photovoltaic industry. Because of its aspiration to supply renewable energy BISOL Group accelerates technological innovations with industrial research and development of photovoltaic technology that provides outstanding performance in the long term. BISOL Group provides valuable solutions that are economically efficient and which go beyond those of conventional businesses.

With its headquarters based in Slovenia, BISOL Group prominently on various international markets where BISOL Group has proven that its brand is well established. In accordance with its strategic market BISOL Group develops its international operations by implementing agencies represented in Belgium (Leuven), France (Savoie Technolac - Le Bourget du Lac), Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom. Through this local presence BISOL Group is able to provide immediate assistance to clients to assess market trends and promote the brand locally BISOL.

Strategy BISOL Group is the sustainable growth of society and the reduction of production costs as prominent leader in the photovoltaic industry. Production costs are reduced through technological improvements, the development of new products and increase productivity levels. Establish the highest standards of quality is the main objective of BISOL Group.