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The Solrif panels are often called "solar tiles" as they arise "like tiles" overlapping panels on the vertical axis and the horizontal axis interlocking and thanks to a specific framework. Some installers in France pose as Solrif panels for installation in roofs.


• The chassis SOLRIF (patent SCHWEIZER Switzerland) has been a decade, thousands of homes and buildings feature and allows an aesthetic pose. Signs arise in landscape mode on the vertical axis and there is no obstacle to the flow of dirt from accumulating against along a standard framework

• It has the advantage of being at a competitive price (because the chassis has a low therefore less expensive than other waterproof fastening systems amount of aluminum). Beware flashings zinc plates, the plates by their ridge surface are the most expensive elements.

The offer Atacama

Atacama offers on residential kits Solrif as modules with a frame Solrif is done directly by the manufacturer of the module plant (not a subcontractor Schweizer) This is security of supply.

Atacama offers 2 manufacturers: BISOL and SOLUXTEC.

• BISOL poly and mono 250-260W 250-270W,
• SOLUXTEC mono and poly 250-260W 250-270W,


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