Mounting system

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There are different mounting systems. Each system provides an aesthetic and performance of different photovoltaic field:

- Integrated into the roof
EASY ROOF structure is based on a revolutionary principle: get a kit like a LEGO from reinforced plastic, type of vehicle bumper.
The system contains parts that snap together without joints. The modules are not fixed on the tray but on the medium, itself fixed to the frame (mold uncompressed).

* Solrif
The system SOLRIF ® XL is impervious to rain, like a traditional tiled roof. This system replaces conventional roofing. Flexibility, ease and speed of installation - the technology adapts to new construction as well as sanitation work in existing buildings.

- Semi-Integrated
Product BACSUN is a French product is patented custom built to receive the type of photovoltaic module that you selected for your roof. It can be mounted on a metal frame or wood from a slope of 5 °.

The mounting system allows mounting MetaSole easy, quick and cost of all PV modules under currents on sloping roofs covered with sheet steel trapezoidal.

- System on flat roof
The console was designed only for flat roofs. An angle of up to 5 ° is acceptable. Ideal for quick installation and economical, the console provides a complete integration of your flat roofs


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